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Дали WAZZUB не е схема за измами?

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Дали WAZZUB не е схема за измами? Empty Дали WAZZUB не е схема за измами?

Писане  Admin 26/2/2012, 12:33


The two most common statements you will hear on any opportunity is that “This is a scam.” or “This is too good to be true’”

This is usually the case made by the same people that always lament of “What if?” “If I only had…” If only there was a way…” and so on.

Unfortunately they have such an affect on those willing to try something out of their comfort zone, that they end up killing the dreams of those who want to try, but get swept up in the mob mentality of “I can’t,” “Never happens to me,” “I don’t know enough people,” to every excuse under the sun.

Will you please just ask yourself one simple question, “How is this then, a scam, when no one is asking you for any money?” This should pretty much clear up the question as to whether this is a scam or not.

You’re not buying anything. You’re not selling anything. You’re not asked to upgrade to anything. You don’t have any toolbars or malware to download. You have no job or duties to perform.

What you are doing, is giving up a little time to promote a site you hopefully believe in and want to see succeed, so you can succeed. WAZZUB will change many lives for the richer in 2012 and you can be a part of it.

Take a good look at the above logos. In 2012 WAZZUB will be a household name as surely as Facebook, Twitter and the rest have become in extremely fast periods of time. And what you are learning about now, is how you could be in on the very beginning of a tidal wave of growth.

You will only have to look back a year from now and wonder how you could have missed out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. This has NEVER been done before and most likely will never be done again. The company is sharing 50% of all profits with the initial family that joins between now and April 8th at midnight EST.

For sharing this opportunity over the next few months you will receive a monthly payment for the rest of your life. And because you introduced your friends and contacts to WAZZUB, you will be paid for the people they sign up as well, for 5 generations deep. Now this adds up fast and the numbers can be astonishing.

At WAZZUB, all members are building the business together; that is what we call THE POWER OF “WE”! After pre-launch, every pre-launch member receives their share from all profits at WAZZUB, not only from his downline. The more users we attract, the more profit will be there to share.

Let’s Get Our Facts Straight!

This is not a multi level marketing (MLM) as that would require you to buy and sell product and maintain a product volume in sales each and every month to qualify for your overrides and bonuses.

It does employ the concept of Network marketing as to give you the fastest and surest way to build your $1 X factor in the beginning, which determines your share in the 50% profits, during the short time we have between now and March 31st. So WAZZUB is helping you in your cause to build your share in this company by crediting you with the power of network marketing.

Will WAZZUB Succeed?

Let’s be honest. Nobody knows if they will succeed. Businesses start all the time, and most fail. This may be true of WAZZUB. But what is the downside? Nothing, since it is free to join, there really is only opportunity. You might be in at the beginning of the next Yahoo or Google (think the people who got in early did pretty well?). Or, you might be wasting a little time. Time will tell. But how will you feel if you miss out?

When Will WAZZUB Begin?

If you pre-register now then you could access the web site from January 1st through March 31st, 2012. On April 1st 2012, the search engine goes live and the FREE members who join now will start earning monthly income.

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